This spring Rome, the beautiful cradle of modern civilization, becomes the ultimate breeding house of ideas and innovation thanks to the first edition of Rome Innovation Summit.

Organized and enforced by Rome Business School, this unique event focuses on the goal everyone in nowadays’ business world, company or individual is pursuing: being better managers for a better world.

Why Attend

Being successful means leaving a significant impact to the world we live on. The key to accomplish this is innovation, change.

Rome Innovation Summit aims to rise interest and awareness on this crucial topic, and will give the attendees the chance to dive deep in new business models and productive approaches in every working environment, helping them to become real and effective agents of change capable of moving the world. Attending the event means taking part to discussions of the utmost importance and meaning held by elite representatives from leading companies such as Enel X, IBM, Vodafone, Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane, Maxxi, Disruptive HR and many others, learning  the best practices and mindsets to improve company and individual performance, how to optimize resources and increase efficiency and productivity in order to succeed in the current business scenery.


The event will be divided in two different sessions: the morning will be dedicated to HR Innovation. Disruptive HR CEO and Director and former BBC HR Directors Lucy Adams and Karen Moran will analyze the most effective systems and innovative models to build better capabilities and become top quality HR Managers, tackling every approach of HR Management, including employee engagement and internal communication.

The evening session will focus on Specific Innovation and will analyze the process of optimization and performance improvement in every field of the business environment, from the digital world and artificial intelligence to arts and culture and marketing. Speaking representatives from internationally renowned companies and institutions will analyze the importance of innovation and change in different contexts, providing examples of the best practices adopted by their companies and showing how to build fundamental capabilities and skills to improve performances and increase results. The session will be moderated by Rai-Radio 2 representative Valentina Lo Surdo, and will feature intervention by illustrious speakers such as former Executive Director at MAXXI Alessandro Bianchi, Consumer Digital Director at Vodafone Andrea Duilio, University Relations Leader at IBM Silvia Peschiera, Head of Innovation & Product Lab at ENEL Marco Gazzino, Impactscool CMO and Co-founder Andrea Geremicca, Head of Innovations at Ferrovie dello Stato Franco Stivali.

“Changes call for innovation, and innovation leads to progress.”

Li Keqiang