HR Disruptive Workshop

Employee Engagement & Internal Communication

Session Outline

Introduction – Setting the scene/introduction to Disruptive HR

The challenges of a disrupted world of work – Why we need new capabilities and mindsets to cope with the demands of a disrupted and digital world

A new model. Introduction to the EACH model “Employees as Adults, Consumers and Humans” including practical examples of how other organisations are innovating in this area – Discover more about our approach to HR which is underpinned by our unique EACH model and our belief that performance is enhanced by moving away from traditional parental, one-size-fits-all processes that have dominated the people function for decades. We propose a new set of assumptions that allow you to develop something that can truly build better capability

Employee Engagement and Internal Comms – Hear about: • trends in engagement and examples of what you can do differently • key engagement drivers and how to measure • the role of leaders in internal communication • alternatives to the annual engagement survey • digital apps and approaches other organisations are taking to get better insights